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The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and to provide quality insurance and financial products to our members.



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Washington - Oregon - Idaho - Alaska


About Sons of Norway: Sons of Norway was organized as a fraternal benefit society by 18 Norwegian immigrants in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 16, 1895. The purposes and goals were to protect members and their families from financial hardships during times of sickness or death. This was gradually expanded to include the preservation of Norwegian heritage and culture in our society.

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Sons of Norway is the largest Norwegian-American organization in the world, comprised of members in the United States, Canada and Norway. The organization provides opportunities for members to familiarize themselves with the culture and traditions of Norway through local lodge and district lodge activities and events. There are 411 Sons of Norway lodges organized into 8 districts. The districts are shown on the colored map on the lodges page. Current active adult and juvenile membership totals 68,328 as of December 31, 2008.


Dynamic District 2: There are 47 Sons of Norway lodges found in District 2, located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. Our oldest lodge, Leif Erikson Lodge No. 2-001 was organized in Seattle, Washington, FRAM logoon May 13, 1903 and continues today with a large active membership.


Our web site introduces you to Sons of Norway and District 2, including a list of our District 2 officers and information about our lodges. You will find information about our district events and opportunities, as well as membership and financial benefits information.


Trollhaugen: District 2 members enjoy Trollhaugen Lodge, a recreational facility located in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, near Stampede Pass. Trollhaugen is owned by the members of District 2 and operates year round, offering many opportunities for members to enjoy this picturesque setting and to participate in seasonal activities. See the Trollhaugen page on our web site for additional information.


FlagFind us here: A lodge directory, by state, provides information on locations, meeting dates and times and activities of the Sons of Norway lodges in our district. You may access individual lodge web sites and link to the International Sons of Norway web site for additional information and member benefits.District 2 offers exciting annual events for members and their families. A number of educational and cultural scholarships are awarded each year by District 2.

Please spend some time with us and enjoy what we have to offer. We hope to enhance the Sons of Norway experience for members and to promote an interest in our organization in non-member visitors to our web site.

District 2 Web Site Staff