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District 2
100th Anniversary


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Individual Lodge Anniversary Events

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Celebrating Fram, forward into the future from
July 9, 2009-September 1, 2010


District 2 Sons of Norway local lodges in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington honor our 100th Anniversary by learning about Norwegian and/or Norwegian American culture and heritage through the Sons of Norway Cultural Skills Program and sharing this rich culture in their communities; local history projects; exercising more by walking, biking, and running sometimes even to Norway; and sharing their

amazing generosity with their neighbors.


Grieg Lodge 2-015 in Portland, Oregon


We are celebrating 100 Years as a Sons of Norway lodge There is a special series of events at Norse Hall to mark the 100th year of Grieg Lodge and kick off our month-long celebration, Bridging Generations!


Julie Whipple, President


Nidaros Lodge 2-016 Astoria/Gerhart OR

We celebrate our 100th anniversary on April 17, 2010. The Lodge was founded on April 18, 1910, and the property in Gearhart, on which Norse Hall still stands, was dedicated on April 24, 1941. We are especially looking forward to people seeing the before and after pictures of the Lodge Building which we have been working on all year.


Marian Soderberg, President

Fritjov Lodge 2-017 in Stanwood WA


Fritjov Lodge will be celebrating our 100th anniversary on Sunday, April 25, 2010, at our lodge from 1-4 PM, Sons of Norway Hall, 9910 270th NW, Stanwood WA


Elaine Grasdock, District 2 Sons of Norway, Zone 2 Director

Sol-Land Lodge 2-086 in Kennewick WA
Walk to Bergen Challenge


9/18/2009: We Did it! 4500 miles total!

Website includes a walker showing progress. Sol-land Lodge succeeded in walking from Kennewick to Bergen in one year. We needed 4100 miles and walked about 4500! Congratulations everyone! We will have a small celebration at the October 2009 meeting.

Sol-land Lodge had a "Walk to Bergen" challenge in honor of District 2's 100th anniversary in 2010. Our challenge was to walk, bike or swim as a group, the 4100 miles between Kennewick and Bergen in one year. The challenge started August 19, 2008.

Here were the rules for our Walk to Bergen challenge:

If you have any other questions, please contact DJ Watson
628-3391 – president@sol-land.org


Norden Lodge 2-002 in Tacoma WA


Our lodge is donating monies for 100 meals to feed people at the Tacoma Rescue Mission for the December Christmas dinner. We are also encouraging all persons to walk 100 miles from now until May 2010. In addition, we donated $100.00 to the Tacoma Peace Prize, $100.00 to the food bank, and collected 100 items plus for the food bank.

Joann Thompsen, President Norden Lodge 2

Hovedstad Lodge 2-094 in Olympia WA

We are collecting 100 pairs of new socks for the Salvation Army and we are donating 100 meals to Olympia Senior Services for Meals on Wheels.


Linda Fialkowski, President, Hovedstad Lodge 2-94

Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001 Scholarship Committee in Seattle WA

Raising 100,000 cents over the D2 anniversary year through “It makes sense to give cents” fund raising scholarship program for Camp Counselors/Instructors to the District 2 Youth Camps.

Heidi Ludeman, Chair Scholarship Committee, Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001

Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001 in Seattle WA

We set a goal to increase lodge membership by 100 new members.

Doug Warne, President of Leif Erikson Lodge 2-001

Roald Lodge 2-039 in Klamath Falls OR



Community Volunteers Hours:


Salvation Army


Crisis Center
We will donate 100 toiletry articles to the Crisis Center including tooth brushes, tooth paste, soaps, shampoos, etc.


Lodge Activities

In addition to the above mentioned activities, we plan to have a workshop where we will make 100 woven red and white, small and large, Scandinavian heart baskets for the Christmas tree we decorate for our Christmas party. Of course, like all good Scandinavians, we have fun singing and dancing around the Christmas tree at the party!

Respectfully submitted, Roald Lodge Board Members

Fedrelandet Lodge 2-23 in Petersburg AK

Our lodge and our adopt-a-school coordinator are planning a reading to Hammerfest, our sister city. Each book will be worth XX miles, and we will try to reach there by 5/17. We are also hoping to do a day-in-the-life of a child from Petersburg and one from Hammerfest. We are hoping to include a combination of photos, writings and video. Should be a fun project for the kids to take on. I have been corresponding with my counterpart at the Hammerfest Tourism Bureau and he has been really helpful. I work at 19 Fram Street...


Sally Dwyer, Fedrelandet 2-023 and District 2 Sons of Norway Zone 6 Director


Wergeland Lodge 2-021 in Bellingham WA


Wergeland Lodge donated $100.00 to help start a Camp Fire Club in the Everson/Nooksack area of Whatcom County. The lodge sees this as means of reaching out and creating an interest in the Norwegian culture. The girls came to our breakfast last month and sold their candy (Campfire Girls project).


Elaine Grasdock, President


Poulsbo Lodge 2-044 in Poulsbo WA

We will have a theme of 100 years ago for our youth day camp in June. In addition, we will be looking at Arctic and Antarctic exploration. One of our lodge members is planning to share his slides from Antarctica.


At our March board and lodge meetings the Poulsbo Sons of Norway decided to do a food drive to celebrate the 100th anniversary of District 2. Our Youth Dancers hope to collect 100 jars of peanut butter as we heard the food bank is all out of this staple. Our lodge members are encouraged to bring a can or box of food to the lodge every time they come, with a goal of 100 pounds by the April lodge meeting. We will be publishing a list of “most wanted items” from our local food bank in the April newsletter. We will let you know how we do.


100 Dancers for 100 Years


God Bless,
Joanne Graves Poulsbo Sons of Norway Youth Director

Svalbard Lodge 2-033 in Juneau AK


Donated 100 Norwegian language books to Pacific Lutheran University's Norwegian Department for use in their reference library.



David Moe, President, Svalbard Lodge 2-033


Normanna Lodge 2-003 in Everett WA


Normanna Lodge is hosting the 2010 District 2 Convention in Everett, WA, on May 19-22. This is also the 100th Anniversary of District 2 which Normanna will help honor and celebrate at the Everett Convention Center and Normanna Hall. Normanna Lodge currently has 1096 members and increasing as we continue Fram!
Kevin Hegge Vice President of Normanna Lodge 2-003


Harald Haarfager Lodge 2-011, Coeur d’Alene, ID


Harald Haarfager 2-011 shares a Centennial Year with District 2, having also been formed in 1910. The first Sons of Norway Lodge organized in Idaho has remained a relatively small, but trail blazing, lodge hosting the first District 2 Convention ever in the state of Idaho in 1996.

Now in this special Centennial Year the 100-year-old lodge is celebrating, not only with a January Charter Celebration at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, but by hosting the first International Convention in their state at that same site on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene August 29- September 1. Such a unique Triple Treat of first-ever international convention in Idaho, coupled with a double Centennial of both the Host Lodge and the Host District, is unlikely to occur again any time soon.

It is our aim to have 100 adult members, excluding juvenile insurance members or heritage members. So far as we can tell, this has not been achieved in the history of the lodge to date, although a high of 85 was reached back in that first decade. During the past decade, membership has grown steadily from about 65 to 95, and we believe we can cross the 100 mark soon. The next challenge will be to stay there and continue to grow.

Asbjorn & Barbara Rostad & Margret Evenson

Abel Lodge 2-29 in Conway, WA

Abel Lodge will collect and put together a cookbook of 100 Norwegian recipes.


Marit Hagen, President of Abel Lodge


Helgeland Lodge 2-030, Puget Island/Cathlamet WA


This past year our activities have been many, starting with the 75th celebration. The members invited and expected 100 or more people. Dancers were invited to perform Scandinavian dances that thrilled all who came. Food of Scandinavian flair was provided for our guests. We, as a lodge, were very proud to show off all the hard work we have put into the halls of this old, but not forgotten building.

Bald Eagle Day is celebrated in Cathlamet each year, the third week in July. The primary reason for the celebration is to welcome home the fishermen from Alaska. Our community made its beginning with the fishing industry and it hasn’t forgotten to acknowledge it. Many of our forefathers where fishermen or boat builders. At the parade we show off our float with pride of our Norwegian heritage. This year at our booth we gave out 100 pamphlets and membership information, along with sales of nearly $900 in tickets for a raffle that began during Bald Eagles’ day and was extended during the Wahkiakum County Fair. It ended during our 75th anniversary celebration. Proceeds are getting us closer to our much needed roof.

Throughout the summer, one of the members went to the local garden markets and handed out 100s of cookies, and printed and gave out 200 pamphlets to advertise and promote events for the lodge. Each week 100 or more cookies were gobbled up.

A donated Santa suit and $100 this year helped kick off our Christmas party. Two hundred and forty invitations went out to our schools in town. We had the children write letters to Santa and delivered them to the Macy’s store to aid in the Make a Wish Foundation project. Photos were taken and frames made by the children. Cookies, goodie bags, crafts projects, and a present from Santa highlighted the day.

The local school always gets our assistance with members collecting soup labels, 100 plus have been delivered so far this year.


Gene Healy 2009 Treasurer of Helgeland Lodge

Edmonds Lodge 2-130 in Edmonds, WA

Edmonds Lodge, through its fundraising events and collections at our meetings, routinely provides financial support for the Edmonds Food Bank. Some Edmonds Lodge members also volunteer to do food pickups at stores and sort and bag food for the less fortunate of our community. As a separate effort and in keeping with the “100-year” theme, we are trying to see how many units of $100 we can collect for the food bank. We have about three units so far, and we will report our progress at the District 2 Convention. We hope to have 10 units of $100 by the time of the international convention.


Bob Stevenson, President of Edmonds Lodge 1-30


Vesterdalen Lodge 2-131 in Auburn WA


Some of the knitters in our lodge are making 100 newborn baby hats for the Pediatric Interim Care Center in our area and for local area hospitals. Members who don't knit may donate yarn for the project. One of our members, Patty Barber, proposed the idea and has already made 30 hats!


Dianne Snell, Secretary

Bernt Balchen 2-046 in Anchorage AK

Bernt Balchen Lodge 2-046 is collecting $100 and 100 lbs of food for our local food bank. We initially started with the idea of collecting only the food, but learned that the food bank has better buying power for the buck than the average shopper so we decided to include money, too.


Mickey Andrew, Vice President


Grays Harbor Lodge 2-004 in Aberdeen WA


Grays Harbor Lodge 2-004 recently became the sponsors for a program with the Stafford Creek Prison. The Lodge will take possession of art and toys made by the offenders at the prison. The Lodge will sell these items and return the money to the prison to purchase the raw materials necessary to continue making items. Our goal is to sell one hundred items this year to commemorate our district's one hundredth anniversary.

Leif Tangvald, Grays Harbor 2-004 Lodge President

Oslo Lodge 2-035 in Bremerton WA

We are hoping for 100 people at the I AM NORSK Genealogy Seminar being held on May 1 at the Sons of Norway Hall in Bremerton.


Deanna Dowell, I AM NORSK Chair

Bothell Lodge 2-106 in Bothell WA

Bothell Lodge is having a big 100th birthday cake on our float for the Syttende Mai parade in Ballard and will be handing out 100 Norwegian flags as well.


Wendy Wight, President Bothell 2-106


Blomsterdal Lodge 2-123 in Mount Vernon WA

Our goal for 2010 is for each member to bring in a potential member so we double our membership to 100 members.


Jane Johnson, President


Magic Valley Viking Lodge 2-160 in Twin Falls ID

This month we will donate $100 to the General Heritage and Cultural Fund, Sons of Norway Foundation, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of District 2.


Mary Mattison Courtney, President

Sonja Lodge 2-038 in Eugene OR

Sonja Lodge members have dedicated ourselves to do the following for the 100th Anniversary:


Mark Agerter, Sonja Vice President and District 2 Vice President

District 6 (formerly of District 2)


Trolldalen Lodge 6-139 in Tucson AZ


The members at Trolldalen Lodge 6-139 send their congratulations as you celebrate your 100th anniversary as an organization in the western United States and Canada. In honor of your celebration Trolldalen Lodge donated at least $100 worth of socks and sports bras to the EMERGE organization in Tucson. EMERGE assists women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. Also our goal is to collect $100 for the Food Bank in Tucson. By giving a cash donation to the Food Bank, they are able to purchase $9.00 worth of food for each $1.00 donation.


Again, we extend our congratulations to the District 2 lodges.


Marge Sogn, President of Trolldalen Lodge 6-139, Tucson AZ


District 7 (formerly of District 2)


Dawson Creek Sons of Norway Lodge 7-079 in Dawson Creek BC


Two projects we are doing to celebrate 100 years of Sons of Norway in the western U.S. and Canada: • We are going to spend time at some meetings, and also at get togethers later, to learn 100
Norwegian words. With the interest already shown, we will far surpass 100 words. It’s
great that your letter prompted us to do this. • At our April Spring Social we are going to collect at least 100 pounds of food for our
local food banks. Gloria Carlstad, Secretary for Dawson Creek Sons of Norway Lodge 7-079


Storland Lodge 7-140 in Williams Lake BC

Our major project is to co-sponsor The Trollsons with our local Child Development Center for Williams Lake’s annual Children's Festival in the park. This will occur on May 30th. The whole community will be invited, and we also hope to bring The Trollsons to a home for seniors who aren’t likely to be able to attend the performance at the park. If you are unfamiliar with The Trollsons, you can find lots of information about them on the internet, including a lively YouTube video. We believe this event will transpire, and we invite you to consider it part of your centennial celebration.

Sandra Hawkins, President of Storland Lodge


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